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I have been dealing with the IRS for the last 3 years, with little success. Finally, the IRS placed a garnishment on my wages. Feeling depressed and not having much hope in sight, I decided to call Good News Tax Relief as I had seen in their commercial on TV. Well, let me tell you that this was the best call I ever made. Everyone at Good News Tax Relief was friendly and they made me feel like solving my IRS problem was their top priority Within 1 week my garnishment was removed and I ended up owing the IRS much less than what I started with. They all did a great job, thank you very much.
Tax Liability- $ 19,700
Resolution Plan- Remove IRS Wage Garnishment, Offer in Compromise
Settlement Amount- $ 750

Wendy O.
Topeka Kansas
I wanted to thank Good News Tax Relief for all their help looking into my tax situation. When I called them, I was a nervous wreck thinking that I would be responsible for this large tax debt that my ex-husband had accumulated. This experience has restored my faith in human beings, when people like [Good News Tax Relief] take the time to help somebody in need. I now have peace of mind and I owe this all to Good News Tax Relief. Thank you again so much.
Tax Liability- $ 122,000
Resolution Plan- Innocent Spouse, Tax Relief
Balance Owed- $ 0

Gloria A.
Hampton, Virginia
My wife and I called Good News Tax Relief owing the IRS $ 64,000. The IRS had sent noticed of levies to our bank and to our employers. Our bank account was frozen and they were garnishing 50% of our paychecks. Good News Tax Relief immediately contacted the IRS, and worked out a solution in which both levies were released within a week. We are both incredibly grateful and relieved to have this tax problem put behind us. All I can say is if you want great service, great pricing, and great results, don’t hesitate and call Good News Tax Relief.
Tax Liability- $ 64,000
Resolution Plan- Remove IRS Wage Garnishment, Remove Bank levy, File back tax
returns, Installment Agreement
Balance Owed- $ 4,211

Joseph and Paula R.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Everyone at Good News Tax Relief did an awesome job for me. Michael, my tax consultant was patient and very knowledgeable. Customer service was great; they were fast and friendly and called me back anytime I had questions. My tax attorney Paul was very aggressive with the IRS and the state of California. I am very grateful for their dedication and expertise. Thank you and God bless you.
Tax Liability- $ 72,400
Resolution Plan- File Back Tax Returns, Streamlined Installment Agreement
Balance Owed- $ 5,700

Kenneth A.
Los Angeles, California
Thank you for all of your help Good News Tax Relief. You really know your stuff. My husband and I were really having a hard time with the IRS. We owed them more than $ 57,000 and we were unable to pay them. I called Good News Tax Relief for help and spoke to Steven. He was very helpful in walking us through the entire process. In the end, we won the case with the IRS and we can’t thank you enough!
Tax Liability- $ 57,238
Resolution Plan- Hardship Status, Currently Non-Collectable
Balance Owed- $ 0

Brian and Donna P.
Fairfield Connecticut
In December of 2011, I enrolled in Good News Tax Relief’s program. I had 1 hour of free consultation with them weeks earlier and felt comfortable doing business with them. As a truck driver and an independent contractor, I didn’t always file my taxes. I also didn’t keep receipts like I should have. Good News Tax Relief immediately contacted the IRS and pulled my Master Tax File, they also started working on filing 4 years of my tax returns so I would get in compliance with the IRS. So now instead of owing the IRS $ 38,000 I only owe $ 6,800. Plus, to my greatest relief, they were able to negotiate a very affordable monthly payment schedule for me. If any of my friends or other truckers are having tax problems, I will let them that Good News Tax Relief did a great job and that you can trust them.
Tax Liability- $ 38,000
Resolution Plan- File Back Tax Returns, Installment Agreement
Balanced Owed- $ 6,800

Douglas M.
Long Beach, California
I want to say “thank you” to everyone at Good News Tax Relief. After moving here to Texas, I received a notice of levy to my bank accounts. I was shocked and very upset. I knew I needed professional help immediately because I had very little money to pay our bills. I heard a Good News Tax Relief ad on the radio and contacted them immediately. I was impressed by their knowledge and their genuine concern for me and my 3 children. Good News Tax Relief went to work for me and obtained an immediate release of this levy. I am now able to pay my bills on time, and we saved $ 42,600 as well! I am so glad I called Good News Tax Relief and am so grateful for a company who cares about their clients so much.
Tax Liability- $ 47,800
Resolution Plan- Remove Bank Levy offer in compromise
Settlement Amount- $ 5,200

Laura G.
San Antonio, Texas
My wife and I were struggling with the IRS. We had 3 years of unfulfilled tax returns and we were not able to pay them. We were both stressed out to the max! A friend of mine at work referred me to Good News Tax Relief and I called them the next morning. Stacy helped us out so much and was amazing. She answered all of our questions and was very patient with us. They filled our back tax returns and did a great job negotiating with the IRS. We were supposed to pay $ 26,482 and it ended up being settled for $ 1,300. I would recommend Stacy and Good News Tax Relief to anybody that needs help in dealing with the IRS. We thank Good News Tax Relief every day; they truly were a godsend for us.
Tax Liability- $ 26,482
Resolution Plan- offer in compromise.
Settlement Amount- $ 1,300

Tommy B.
Orlando, FL